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Fee Benchmarking and Provider Search

Transitioning to another 401(k) provider can help reduce your costs or increase the level of service you receive but the process for conducting a review of plan providers can be cumbersome and time consuming. Vendor submitted proposals do not always include sufficient information to accurately determine which administration, record-keeping, compliance and employee education/communication services will be delivered, or the total cost associated with those services. There are hundreds of providers who offer the services you need (though at the same time, the graveyard of firms who no longer offer services is growing), so it is imperative that you identify providers who have the financial resources, experience, and commitment to excellence in all areas.

From the incumbent and other select providers, we gather a comprehensive amount of data that can be difficult to gather and use it to create a detailed analysis of services including record-keeping, technology services, employee communication, compliance, investment management, and all associated costs.

We use benchmarking analytics to assist you with informed decision making in determining alternate vendors, interviewing finalists, and in selecting a new provider. Once the provider is selected we serve as your advocate in ongoing negoatiations to identify opportunities for improved service, technology, reporting, education, and costs.