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The importance of normalizing savings, stopping retirement setbacks, and more

The importance of normalizing savings, stopping retirement setbacks, and more

| April 05, 2021

We are excited to welcome Q2 with the theme of Financial Wellness! This quarter, we are going to touch on some important topics that impact your bottom line and the financial health of your employees.

The importance of normalizing retirement savings. Reaching an adequate replacement retirement income has been the exception rather than the norm for America’s workforce. Now, we can reimagine the function of your retirement plan to help normalize saving for the future.

How can employers help stop retirement savings setbacks? We’re going to discuss three action items you can take to help employees stay the course.

Enhancing company morale while also improving productivity. Believe it or not, they go hand in hand. While there is no silver bullet, financial wellness can help prevent presenteeism, lower health costs and more.

A CFO’s Guide to Financial Wellness. Breaking down all of the facts of how a Financial Wellness program is monetarily beneficial for your company.

Help employees take charge of their money. A new educational guide for you to pass along to your employees.

To kick start the quarter, see below for our Q2 Newsletter.

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